Youth Services Bureau

Every day, in every part of the city, as young people face difficult choices and life-changing events, the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa (YSB) supports them and their families.  Since 1960, YSB has assisted tens of thousands of young people to find jobs, return to school, learn life skills, find

Tim Horton Children’s Foundation

The Tim Horton Children’s Foundation is dedicated to fostering within our children the quest for a brighter future. A Foundation camp experience provides programs to help children from economically disadvantaged homes develop lifelong skills. For these children, opportunities and environments that promote their growth into healthy individuals are often limited.

Ottawa Dragon Boat Foundation Community Fund

The Ottawa Dragon Boat Foundation Community Fund works to encourage and create positive social change, supporting the significant work of charities and the immediate needs in the community. The ODBF Community Fund provides charities an opportunity to apply for funding throughout the year under the categories of community health, community