The Ottawa Dragon Boat Foundation (ODBF) is pleased to announce its donation of $5,000 to Helping with Furniture.

The Ottawa Dragon Boat Foundation’s donation will support Helping with Furniture which furnishes homes with comfort, hope, and dignity by delivering gently used furniture and household items. Often families arriving in Canada have very little, and are without the means to furnish their homes. Helping with Furniture work to help as many of these families as possible giving them the means to truly make a new home.

In order to pick up furniture donations across the city, and to deliver full furnishings to families, Helping with Furniture relies on a 5-ton truck, generously provided by Penske Truck Rental Corp every week. As Helping with Furniture continues to move forward they need to seek additional means of transporting donations across the city and work to reduce the burden on its small team of dedicated volunteers. This donation from the Ottawa Dragon Boat Foundation will assist Helping with Furniture work towards their goal of leasing an additional truck. This truck, as well as the regularly donated truck from Penske, will increase Helping with Furniture’s ability to pick up donations and provide more deliveries to clients, effectively doubling their ability to transport and deliver furniture.

About Helping with Furniture

Helping with Furniture delivers gently used furniture and household items for those in the Ottawa area who are restarting their lives because of situations of hardship. Helping with Furniture was founded in 2005 by two Ottawa women (Nathalie Maione and Buffy Cassidy) who felt compelled to respond to a need in their community among refugee claimants, who were often arriving in Canada with very little, and without the means to furnish their homes. Since its creation, Helping with Furniture has provided more than 4,500 individuals with the necessities and comforts of home. Helping with Furniture’s mandate is to appeal for, collect, and deliver used furniture, household goods, and furnishings to individuals and families who are restarting their lives because of situations of hardship brought on by international and domestic displacement.

About the Ottawa Dragon Boat Foundation

Since its inception, the Foundation has raised $4 million, benefiting 42 local charities.

Antony Cooper