ODBF announces the 6th Annual ODBF Shiver ’N Giver Fundraising Drive and invites supporters to warm their hearts this winter raising funds for local charities who are providing programs and services to children and families in Ottawa.

The 2022 ODBF Shiver ‘N Giver Fundraising Drive will be raising funds in support of The Snowsuit Fund, Lotus Centre for Special Music Education, Tim Hortons Foundation Camps and Youth Services Bureau. ODBF is determined to make a difference in the National Capital Region and is calling on the community for its support. “The strain the pandemic has placed on individuals, families and the charities that meet needs of those families, continues to be a serious challenge for so many.” says ODBF Director of Fundraising, Shelley Freake. “We need to rally together to help fill the gap that our community is experiencing. Together we truly can make a difference.”

Funds raised will help these local charities in providing programs and services to children and families in need throughout the National Capital Region.

The Snowsuit Fund is an Ottawa-based charity that raises funds for the purchase and distribution of new, quality-made snowsuits to needy children, 15 years and under. ODBF will be supporting the distribution of winter toques with every snowsuit. In a typical season, The Snow Snowsuit Fund will distribute 16,000 or more new snowsuits to qualifying families.

The Lotus Centre for Special Music Education is a leader in increasing access to adapted music education and serving the special needs community and provide accessible music programming to individuals of all ages. ODBF will be supporting their Adapted March Break Music Camp for children developmentally aged 5-18 serving children and adults with a wide range of physical and developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. This camp, which has a two to one staff/camper ratio, centers on music circles led by professional music educators trained in adapting instruction for students with disabilities. During these music circles, campers learn about music concepts, experience different genres of music, and explore instruments. Campers also participate in traditional camp activities such as arts and crafts, outdoor play, and story time.

Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa (YSB) has assisted tens of thousands of young people to find jobs, return to school, learn life skills, find shelter, choose a better path and feel hope for the future. YSB is one of the most important lifelines for youth at-risk in Ottawa. Every day, in every part of the city, as young people face difficult choices and life-changing events, the supports them and their families. For many who walk through YSB’s doors, it is the first place they feel safe, and feel a sense of belonging.

ODBF will also be supporting Tim Hortons® Foundation Camps, Camp des Voyageurs Tim Horton in Quyon Quebec, who are helping to create brighter futures for youth in the National Capital Region. A leader in youth development programming, Tims Camps support youth from low-income homes between the ages of 12 to 16 – an important developmental time that helps shape who they will become as adults. Through a multi-year, camp-based program, youth learn skills like leadership, resilience and responsibility, which empower them to believe in their potential. Youth are supported to thrive when they return home, to excel in post-secondary education, to succeed at work and to contribute positively to their communities.

“ODBF, our dedicated fundraisers, generous donors, and corporate partners want to meet these needs,” says ODBF CEO John Brooman, “and we are happy to help make that happen during a time when our community needs our support”.

Donations can be made here or by texting ODBF to (613)-703-5852.


Established to focus on philanthropic efforts in the local community, the foundation has raised $5 million in support of 65 local charities.

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Antony Cooper